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Members' Artwork Gallery

         All artwork shown in this gallery has been produced by artist members of  the ALHC.

Artist web site links are shown under their work.  Click the link and you will go to their website.

All work here is available and for sale.  If you see a piece you would like to purchase, or want more information on it, contact us by using the "Contact Us" form.

                   Peggy Marra

      "Gentle Boy"  Oil On Canvas

                     48" x 48"  


                                  Peggy  Marra

                   "Endangered"   Oil On Canvas

                                     24" x 30"

Marra 48x48Gentle Boy.jpg
Marra  Endangered 30x24 (1).jpg
Get Away Place.jpg
                     Stanton Allaben
        "Get Away Place"  Oil on gesso board.
             6" x 8"   $295.00  Framed
                           Stanton Allaben
                  "Blueline"   Oil on canvas.
                  12" x 9"   $475.00   Framed
Halloween on Main Klaxon.JPG

                      Zach  Claxton

"Halloween  On  Main"   Oil On Canvas

                 20" x 16"   $595.00

Fruit Bowl Zach Klaxon.JPG

  z              Zach  Claxton

     "Fruit Bowl II"  Oil On Board

          8" x 8" x 1.5"   $150.00

Michele Webster 2 350.jpg

                      Michelle  Webster

 Michelle  Webster

John new.jpeg
John sm.jpg
Michele Webster waterfall  6  for mail.j
         John  Bauknight  -  Photography
    John  Bauknight  -  Photography
dbruce snowy walk in the woods.jpg

               Dottie  Bruce 

       "Walk In The Woods"


Dottie Bruce Beauty in

                   Dottie  Bruce

              "Beauty In Bloom"


4 x 4 Fused Glass Box with Agtel Gemston
6 x 8 Fused Glass Box with Amethyst Gems
 Neal  Hearn
  Neal  Hearn  
$48.00 - $275.00
           Taylor  White
        "Keeping Up"
    23"x42" Oil on canvas.
The Elk Hunters White sm.jpg

                     Taylor  White

   "Elk Hunters"  Oil On Canvas

            24" x 30"  $2,400.00

k bowser blue valley spring 18x24 O 895.

                          Ken  Bowser

             "Blue Valley Spring"  Oil

                   18" x24"    $895.00


                  Nancy Leigh  Hearn

   Embossed Copper with Labradorite Stone


k bowser teal and daffodils 18x24 0 795.

                           Ken  Bowser

               "Tea And Daffodils"  Oil

                   18" x 24"     $795.00

pastachio_opal_earrings Hearn.jpg

                                       Nancy  Leigh  Hearn

               Pistachio Jasper Stones On Torch-Fired copper



                     Beth  Bowser

  Stained glass leaves on stainless steel wall mount, with alcohol inks.


                      Beth  Bowser

         "Butterscotch & Vanilla Cream."                    Marble base.  $175.00


                     Marilyn-Sue Walsh

      "Blue Ridge Parkway - Azalea Time"

             16" x 12" Framed  $325.00

352 Pileated WP 5 Mom & Family walsh.jpg

                           Marilyn-Sue Walsh

        "Pileated Woodpecker Mom And Family"  

          24" x 20"  Watercolor Framed $450.00


Colleen Kastner 1.jpg

                           Colleen  Kastner

      "Transcendence-A Spiritual Awakening"

          Acrylic Mixed Media On Paper

                    13" x 20"   $400.00

                      Colleen Kastner

          "Some Things Are Timeless"

         Acrylic Mixed Media on Paper

                    11" x 14.5"    $250.00

Cecilia Judy Kaiser.jpeg
Ollie The Owl Kaiser.jpg

                               Judy  Kaiser

  "Ollie The Owl"  Acrylic On Canvas  Framed

                        12" x 16"   $135.00

                         Judy  Kaiser

  "Cecillia"   Acrylic On Canvas  Framed

                   12" x 12"    $95.00

Traveler on the High Seas Leslie Jeffery

                                 Leslie  Jeffery

    "Traveler On The High Seas"  Acrylic On Canvas

                        40" x 40"     $3,200.00

Tiny Red Leaves T0218 Leslie Jeffery.jpg

                            Leslie Jeffery

 "Tiny Red Leaves"  Acrylic On Canvas

                       48" x 30"   $2,600

Buttermilk Daffodils Crook.jpeg

                            Sara  Crook

      "Buttermilk Daffodils"   11" x 14"  Oil

                        $350.00  Framed

TJ 5_edited-1.jpg
  Terri  Johansson
Cashiers' Apples  Crook.jpeg

                                Sara Crook

                "Cashiers' Apples"    8" x 10"  Oil

                          $250.00  Framed

TJ 4_edited-1.jpg
   Terri  Johansson
Sue Gouse 5_edited-1.jpg
Sue Gouse 6_edited-2.jpg

                     Sue Gouse

                      Sue Gouse


                 Deneece Harrell

     "Margins"   Porcelain  $1,200.00

Harrell.Prayer 1100.jpg

                          Deneece Harrell

            "Prayer"  Porcelain  $1,100.00

Sallows forgotten pots 16 by 20 495_edit

           Barbara  Sallows

           "Forgotten Pots"  

16" x 20"  Oil on canvas.  $495.00

Bruce Notes in the garden II 2.5x3_edite

                 Dottie Bruce

         "Notes In The Garden II"

           3.5" x 2.5"  Watercolor

Pless 1.jpg

             Mary Pless

carpenter 3.jpg

 Mary-Lou Carpenter

Kinart Pieta After William Adolphe Bouguereau, Cynthia Cochran Kinard, Oil, 49X36, $24,000

         Cynthia  Kinard

"Pieta"  After William Adolphe



abbott 3_edited-1.jpg
b.sallows canoe at sunset 12 x 16  395.j

                       Barbara  Sallows

                      "Canoe At Sunset"

           10" x 20"  Oil on canvas.  $450.00

Bruce notes in the garden I.jpg

            Dottie Bruce

  "Notes In The Garden I"

   3.5" x 2.5"  Watercolor

Pless 3.jpg

 Mary Pless

Mary Lou Carpenter.jpg

    Mary-Lou Carpenter

KinartL'InnocenceALCH2 Kinard.jpg

                 Cynthia  Kinard

  "L'Innocence"  After William Adolphe Bouguereau

abbott 4.jpg

            Bonnie Abbott

               Bonnie Abbott

Metsker  Clullowhee Mtn shack_edited-1.jpg

 "Cullowhee Mountain Shack"                  Annell Metsker

Metsker bridge on laurel knob_edited-1.jpg

 "Bridge On Laurel Knob"

       Annell Metsker

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