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 Membership in the Art League of Highlands-Cashiers is open to artists and those who love art and want to support our 

efforts.  Membership is $40 (indiviual) $70 (couple).  To join simply upload our membership application (see below), print it and fill it out.  Send the application along with your check to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

We also have a category "Honorary Lifetime Membership"  which is offered to individuals declared deserving by the board of directors.  Such members are shown in the list with a " * " next to their name.

We look forward to the 2021 season, as we follow the Bascom’s gathering rules.  Our meeting dates are:
                     April 26, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 30, September 27,  and October 25.
A four thirty social precedes the five o’clock membership meeting.  A brief business meeting will be followed by a regional artist’s presentation.

Membership Directory -

Allaben, Stanton

Bankston, Sue       

Barcliff, Will  *

Bauer, Margie

Bauknight, John               

Bauknight, Susan  *   

Berg, Cynthia       

Bowser, Beth    

Bowser, Ken    

Bruce, Dottie  

Calderone, Patty

Carpenter, Mary Lou   

Claxton, Zach     

Cook, Caroline  * 

Cone, Hillary                

Crook, Sara 

Galbrecht, Gary  

Gouse, Sue  

Halford, Betsy  

Ham, Denise Harrell

Hankey, Corb 

Hearn, Nanci Leigh  

Hearn, Neal    

Hendrix, Norma   *       

Jeffery, Leslie     

Johansson, Terri                     

Joannides, J Jay  *               

Kaiser, Judith   

Kastner, Colleen        

Kerrigan, Collen  

Kinard, Cynthia  

Kinard, Jim     

Marra, Peggy 

McIver, Ada Holmes 

Metsker, Annell

Miller, Josephine 

Pless, Mary  

Prosser, Kathy and Anthony

Renfro, Susan  

Robert, Chip   

Robert, Susan  

Sallows, Barbara   

Sloope, Linda   

Steil, Hollie 

Stiefel, Rosemary  * 

Sullivan, Ruthie

Sullivan, Patrick

Sutherland-Wright, Martha               

Taylor, Sallie   *

Walsh, Marilyn Sue  

Webster, Page                

White, Sue Taylor 

Wolfe, Jill 

Our membership application can be uploaded by clicking on the link below (PDF) which you can print and then mail to the art league treasurer, address on the application.

2018 art camp 3.jpg
 Children's  Summer  Art  Camp
Harrell.Prayer 1100.jpg

  Deneese  Harrell

k bowser teal and daffodils 18x24 0 795.

 Marylin-Sue Walsh

 Ken Bowser

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