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 Membership in the Art League of Highlands-Cashiers is open to artists and those who love art and want to support our 

efforts.  Membership is $40 (indiviual) $70 (couple).  To join simply upload our membership application (see below), print it and fill it out.  Send the application along with your check to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

We also have a category "Honorary Lifetime Membership"  which is offered to individuals declared deserving by the board of directors.  Such members are shown in the list with a " * " next to their name.

 2021 Membership Renewal by March 31.

Membership Directory -

This list is in the process of being updated for 2021

Allaben, Stanton    '21

Bankston, Sue M.     

Barcliff, Will  *

Bauer, Margie

Bauknight, John       '21        

Bauknight, Susan  *  '21   

Berg, Cynthia       

Bowser, Beth

Bowser, Ken

Calderone, Patty

Christy, Catherine  *

Claxton, Zach    

Cone, Hillary

Cook, Caroline  *                  

Crook, Sara             

Galbrecht, Gary

Gouse, Sue

Hankey, Betti         

Hankey, Corb

Harrell, Deneece     '21

Hearn, Nanci Leigh  '21

Hearn, Neal    '21

Hendrix, Norma   *       

Jeffery, Leslie    '21 

Johansson, Terri                    

Joannides, J Jay  *               

Kaiser, Judith   '21

Kastner, Colleen

Kinard, Cynthia

Kinard, Jim     

Marra, Peggy

McIver, Missy

Sloope, Linda             

Steil, Hollie

Stiefel, Rosemary  *                 

Taylor, Sallie   *

Walsh, Marilyn Sue  '21

Webster, Page      '21          

White, Sue Taylor  

Wolfe, Jill

 Our membership application can be printed on your computer from the pdf file shown below.  Click on the icon below and the full application will pop up in a new tab on your screen.

 Children's  Summer  Art  Camp
      Terri  Johansson
 Marilyn Sue Walsh

        Colleen  Kastner

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