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Summer Colors Fine Art Show July 23-24, 2022
Participating Artists
Below are listed some of the artists who will be in attendance at this fine art show with an example of their artwork and a brief biography.  As of June 20 18 artists have committed.
 Colleen Kastner
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A South African born mixed media artist, Colleen Kastner is also a journalist and former psychotherapist who brings her love of stories into the complex layers of her paintings. Her work is a perpetual exploration of ideas, and a blend of risk-taking and adventure, linework in charcoal and graphite, a smorgasboard of paints and pigments, and collage elements of vintage hand-written letters, maps of local and faraway places, and eco-printing with materials foraged from forest and beach hikes.

“When I paint, I’m thinking of the stories and history of the place or the person. I’m trying to capture the beauty that comes from complex people and places. So many intricate details and convoluted connections, joyous moments and times of incredible pain. Take a snapshot of that and you have something so incredibly deep and beautiful. That is the essence of what I’m trying to capture in my work. Something as strong and vulnerable as the people and stories I’m drawn to.”

Colleen works with charcoal, graphite, watercolor, inks and acrylic, stitching, cold wax and oil, pastels, various papers, collage and hot encaustic wax, and anything else she can get her hands on. She is constantly experimenting with something new and breaking traditional rules to create new and original works of art. 

 Stanton Allaben
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     Stanton is the son of a professional artist (mother) who got started painting late in life.  He works in oil and watercolor creating beautiful landscapes, still life's and his popular watercolor note cards.  He extensively studied the European and American impressionists and his loose style, particularly with his oils, reflect this.  His focus is on all subjects in nature such as waterfalls, wildlife and mountain landscapes.       He is best known for his small framed oil paintings depicting things that one sees in the NC mountains, which area visitors love to purchase and take home as a remembrance of time spent there.

     He was the featured artist in the November 2021 issue of The Laurel Magazine,  sells his work at the Bascom in Highlands and the Ann Lea Fine Art Gallery in Cashiers.  

 Sara Crook
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 Birmingham based artist, Sara Crook, is a lifelong lover of all types of art and art history. Her love of art began while studying at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, TN.  In 2008, she began in earnest, the process of painting. Through the years she has realized the joy of the perpetual learning process of creating art - the joy of mixing colors, the effects of different brush strokes, creating the effects of light on a subject, etc. The majority of her training was in the atelier of John Lonergan, in Birmingham, AL. Her medium of choice is oil paint. Her work is heavily influenced by John Lonergan, David Lefelle, and the late Richard Schmid. Through her love of nature, she enjoys the artistic freedom of taking a scene and making it her own landscape dream. She also enjoys the discipline of setting up a still life and recreating the beauty of objects, into a dramatic vision. She enjoys working out of her studios, both in Birmingham, AL and Cashiers, NC. “Art and making art is an ongoing joy in my life’s journey. It is my total pleasure to gladden the hearts of others with my creations.”

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 Terry Warren

 Terry Warren’s artistic career grew out of a desire to present a longtime friend and
business mentor a drawing of his San Francisco Nob Hill home. Living in Sydney,
Australia, at the time, Terry enrolled in a pencil drawing class. A few lessons later, he
was hooked.
He pursued his passion through studying with accomplished artists like Dawn Whitelaw,
Kevin Menck, Collin Page, Robert K Roark and others. In more recent years, Terry has
been engaged in an intense one-on-one mentoring relationship with master artist Roger
Dale Brown. Working from plein air studies, reference photos and memory, he creates
his style of representational work.
For Terry, painting and drawing provide a great sense of satisfaction, an escape from
day-to-day pressures, and a tangible sense of accomplishment. When a viewer says
that they can imagine themselves in the painting or wish to visit the scene, then he has
achieved the sense of realism that he seeks. Terry Warren began painting out of
interest, but now it's his passion.
Terry Warren is also an executive coach, the author of "The Art of Choice," and

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 Jo Miller
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 Jo began woodturning  with a class at The Bascom in  the summer of 2016.  Multiple classes with demonstrators through the Carolina Mountain Woodturners Club in Asheville allowed her to try out many woodturning techniques including bowls, platters, pens, pendants and off centered turnings. Many of these are embellished using carving, paint or burning techniques.   After taking a class at the John C Campbell Folk School in 2018, her emphasis has been on the technique of Basket Illusion  in which a wooden platter/bowl is made to look like a woven basket.  Hard maple is turned on the lathe and beaded using a special tool to grove both sides of the plate. Grid lines are then burned onto the plate.  Using archival ink pens, the design is created on both sides of the plate.  Finally the rim is burned to complete the appearance of a woven basket.  Relief carving techniques have recently been added to her work. Wood has its own beauty, and Jo enjoys revealing the grain pattern and figure in each variety she turns.  In addition, wood can provide the medium for multiple creative expressions.  

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Peggy Marra
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     Art has been Peggy’s passion her whole life.  She has been drawing and sketching as long as she can remember.  At 16,  she started painting and sold her 1st painting that year.  At 18 she went to Europe to see firsthand the magnificent Artists that were displayed in the many Museums there.   She spent 3 years sketching, travelling, visiting museums and living in Greece.

​     She returned home and opened an art gallery/framing shop – selling her work as well as that of other artists.   However, as the gallery flourished she found little time to paint.   She expanded to a 2nd gallery and then a 3rd selling major artists and enjoying the life of Gallery Director.

     When she retired and moved to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina she was once again free to indulge in her painting.  Portraying wildlife became her passion.   Through her art, she strives to make people aware of the diverse and unique character of the animal she is painting. 

     Focusing on the eyes or “soul” of the animal she tries to convey his personality thereby giving people a chance to really relate to him.  “Hopefully this will encourage people to treasure our wildlife and encourage them to actively work to protect it.”

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 Margie Bauer

Margie Bauer, a botanical and scientific illustrator, a “zendoodler”, a fabric artist and a teacher in watercolor, pen, and mixed media, works out of her studios in Cashiers, NC and Coral Gables, Florida.  She often studies her subjects by growing native plants at home that attract native creatures to capture the beauty, spirit, fragility, and strength of nature in her artwork.

From working in her grandparent’s extensive gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio, to raising plants and animals as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zaire to her 30-year international career as a diplomat reporting on and promoting agricultural products for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, she has immersed herself in nature.  She served as the Agricultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassies in Indonesia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.


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 Zach Claxton

 Zach Claxton is a self-taught artist. His education includes a BS in math and a
master’s degree in information systems. His interest in oil painting dates back to his
childhood, but college, service in the Army and a thirty-five year banking career
relegated that interest to a distant back burner for more than forty-five years.
After retirement from the bank, he and his wife became full-time Highlands
residents. On a 2008 trip to visit to visit family in Seattle, his daughter encouraged him to try painting again. He was pleased enough with the result to purchase initial supplies, and back in Highlands oil painting became an obsessive hobby.
While initially painting strictly for his own pleasure, neighbors saw his work and
bought several pieces. Afterwards, he began offering his work to the public. Today,
more than 120 customers from across the country, many of them repeat customers,
own well over 200 of his paintings. Among those are twenty commissioned pieces.
His largely representational style depicts varied subjects from local scenes as
well as from his travels to New England, the Pacific Northwest and Florida. His paintings includes landscapes, waterscapes, still life, wildlife, architectural and figurative. Much of his work may be viewed on his web site, https://zachclaxtonart.com. Mr. Claxton is a member of Oil Painters of America, Fine Art Studio Online, and he currently serves on the Board of the Art League of Highlands-Cashiers.

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 Taylor White
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There are so many beautiful things in our world that should be the center of our happiness. Whether it’s our family, friends, jobs, scenery or wildlife, making sure we cherish these things is important.

An artist who dedicates their passion and commitment to capturing this beauty is a true artist. This is exactly what Taylor White is all about.

Known for her ability to capture the beauty and wonder of wildlife and all things natural, this is what makes Taylor White a premier artist.

The artwork provided by Taylor White is comprised of true originals capturing the beauty of Alabama, the surrounding areas, and of the many places she has traveled to around the country. She is a naturalist, and her work reflects a deep commitment to the environment. From large to small prints, and from large to small animals, Taylor White captures it all.

Some of the paintings provided by Taylor White are wildlife prints, animal paintings, birds, landscapes, wild animals, domestic animals, hunting dogs and sporting art. Every aspect of the landscape or animal is intricately detailed to make the painting look its most real and authentic. Many artists will claim to do this, but not many can actually achieve this level of premier artwork.

Barbara Jamison
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After a 20-year career as a successful senior marketing executive in New York, Rome, and London, Barbara Jamison retired, switching left brain to right. Always fascinated with Art, she joyfully leapt into Sculpture and Painting, studying clay, pastels, and oils. She was on a search for the right medium and style to express her passion for Nature. She found both in acrylics, but instead of using paints in the conventional manner, she experimented with a fresh, artistic expression which led her to her place, her passion, her natural aquatic-organic world. Paint pulls her to her studio every day with a promise of soul-satisfaction and amazing discovery.

Born in Rye, N.Y., she received a BA at Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School. Barbara has just recently been appointed to the Board of The Bascom in Highlands NC. She now resides in Cashiers, NC with her husband, Jim and their two sons, Kyle and Blake. 

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Sue Gouse
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 Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Sue Gouse has moved frequently throughout the United States, has also lived in Mexico, and finally settled in Savannah, Georgia. Much of her inspiration for her oil paintings come from her travels, with special emphasis on the coast and the mountains.
Sue believes life, along with her ability to paint, is a gift from God, and her palette reflects her love of the world's beauty in vivid color.
She enjoyed a long career in clinical nursing after graduating from Duke University. She is married to Dr. John Gouse, has raised five children, and is the proud grandmother of twelve, another source of painting subjects! After much creative work of all kinds, especially in home decorating (several of her homes have been featured in magazines), gardening, and sewing, Sue became an oil painter, studying under Velda Lovell, Cashiers, North Carolina. While she paints only in oil, she has many different styles. She has subsequently taken instruction from the late Marcos Blahove, Georgia; Paul Lucchasi, NYC; Bob Rohm, Texas; Julyan Davis, Asheville, NC; Joann Williams-Walker, Julie Hanson, Morgan Samuel Price and Egidio Antonaccio, all from Florida.
Sue is the sole owner/artist of Sue Gouse Inspirations, and excited and sold her work at her gallery in Savannah’s City Market for 13 years. The book Two Please, Savannah Scenes and the September, 2006 Laurel Magazine of Highlands, NC, and The Skinny all featured Sue's work on their covers. In 2013, Sue received Best of Show in a Merrill Lynch/LAA show.  An honorable mention was awarded to Sue at the Savannah Garden Exposition 2006, she was awarded Second Prize in Savannah Art Association's juried show "Enlightened" in 2009. Jurors at the Charlotte Festival in the Park gave Sue a merit award in 2010 and an Honorable Mention in 2011. Her donated Hospice painting was juried into the Savannah Telfair's Jepson museum show in 2010. She has been juried into several fine art shows, including "Open Arť" at the Telfair Art Fair and the annual juried art show at The Bascom, Highlands, NC. She has exhibited at the
Trillium Links and Lake Club, The Bascom, The Savannah Harbor Club, Trends and Traditions, The JEA, the Landings Plantation Club and Company, Merrill Lynch Espresso Gallery, The Hilton Head/Savannah Airport, The Westin Savannah Harbor, and Hospice Savannah. In Savannah, her work is sold at The Capital Bee Company on Broughton St. Sue's giclees decorate the walls of the United Community Bank, Southside, in Savannah. Sue can be found exhibiting in many Fine Art Shows throughout the Southeast. She splits her time between Sapphire, NC and Sarasota, FL (LWR).

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John Cannon

At an early age, Memphian and Outdoorsman John Cannon, traded in his brushes and pursuit of fine art for the tools of trade—Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Trained at the University of Tennessee School for Health Science in Memphis  and the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Cannon set his sights first on helping others.
Influenced by his father, who also turned to watercolors after retiring from the medical field, John didn’t pick his brushes up in earnest again until 2018. Under the mentorship of renowned master watercolor artist, Fred Rawlinson of New Orleans and Memphis, John’s style and skill developed quickly. His passion for the outdoors—hunting, fly fishing, and (identifying every type of flora and fauna he sees, sometimes to the chagrin of his children and grandchildren) comes through in his unique watercolor style. Influenced by the Impressionist and the plein air style, John’s ability to synthesize only what is necessary to bring a painting to life is his true mastery.
Not one to follow the styles of those who have come before him, John has set his sights on developing his own style and pushing the boundaries of his mastery.

 Ken Bowser
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Ken began painting some 60 years ago. He started with oils, but came to know a great watercolor
painter near where he lived at the time and found himself hooked on watercolor. For a number of years painting was a hobby, occasionally attending a workshop or painting on Saturdays with a group of fellow watercolorists in northeastern Ohio.
Upon retirement he moved to the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau. Where else could one find so much
natural beauty right outside the door? Painting became more of an avocation, rather than just a hobby.  Ken’s work may be found in the Tsaristry Gallery near Franklin, in the gift shop at The Bascom in Highlands and in Gallery 1 in Sylva.
He, and his wife Beth, who is an accomplished glass artist, live in Glenville, NC

Ken – Artist Statement
My favorite subjects include landscapes, of course, and in those landscapes some of the old buildings which seem to be around every corner. Continuing to paint with oils and pastels gives me more tools to capture the beauty in which I live. So much to paint—so little time!!
While living in Ohio, I made almost every other year trips to Colorado and New Mexico with mentor
Lowell Ellsworth Smith which was a plus. We even ventured to Mexico twice. It was always a treat to meet some of the western artists and listen to their adventures in the art world.
While weather dictates whether one paints outdoors or not, painting in the open air is the ideal. There one has everything needed to create on canvas or paper what is before them. The sounds and the gentle breezes add to scenes painted in a way that is missing in studio work.